Calaveras Visitors Bureau Gives Ironstone Amphitheatre & Richter Entertainment Group Top Award | Community |

The Calaveras Visitors Bureau hosted its annual Innovations in Tourism Awards dinner on Oct. 11 at The Pickle Patch in San Andreas. Ironstone Vineyards and Richter Entertainment Group (REG) took home the overall prize.

More than 500 local business owners, employees, and elected officials voted in this year’s competition, and Ironstone Vineyards/REG was a “clear winner,” according to Visitors Bureau Executive Director Lisa Boulton.

Ironstone Vineyards and REG also won the Attractions category of the competition. REG has been operating for over 30 years under owner and founder Larry Richter. The Florida-based company is a promoter, venue operator, tour, festival and special event producer for the Ironstone Amphitheatre.

Source: Calaveras Visitors Bureau hosts awards dinner | Community |